Housing4Offenders LLC assists felons and sex offenders to establish housing in Orange County


Thank you for considering Housing4Offenders LLC for your housing needs. We strive to give you information and direction to help make your housing selection an easier experience. We have many resources to aid you in your decision making process. Department of Corrections, Probation Officers, and F.D.L.E. are just some of the areas that we are in contact with to help you in this important decision.

All of our services are provided in Orange County only at this time. Our company provides clean, furnished rooms for each individual; a bed, dresser, nightstand, and cable for each room. Our houses come with shared bathrooms, kitchen with stove, refrigerators and microwaves. Some of our rooms have private bathrooms. Also, our houses come with both washers and dryers. All of our houses are approved by Orange County and F.D.L.E meaning they fit the minimum footage requirements for sex offenders. Our prices range from $500 a month to $800 a month depending on size and private bathroom accommodations. First month's rent and a security deposit is required.


We do not provide jobs, but we have many leads and prospects to those who choose to work. We will also help you apply for Food assistance and S.S.I. Enrollment.

Upon release we can make arrangements to help with your initial probation requirements and any registration with F.D.L.E. We want to make your release and integration back into society with a minimum disruption as possible.

We look forward to helping you find housing, re-establish ties to the community, and move forward with your life.  Again, thank you for considering Housing4Offenders LLC.